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Access, Without Excess: Putting Your Beloved Items Into Storage

Access, Without Excess: Putting Your Beloved Items Into Storage

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Sept. 20, 2017


Access, Without Excess: Putting Your Beloved Items Into Storage Image

When it comes to keeping our homes organized, we run into the problem of struggling between what should stay and what should go. Sometimes there are items that we really don’t need, or even use, but we’re not ready to part ways.

A storage unit can help solve this problem.

Here are some items, you should consider putting into storage…

Baby items, such as coming home outfits, baby books, favourite toys, and other sentimental items from childhood.

Off-season clothing and accessories, as well as toys, décor, and supplies that don’t suit the current season’s climate

Lamps, curtains, wreaths, furniture, and any home décor that is outdated, unseasonal, or no longer your style.

Furniture projects, art, tools, paints and other hobby supplies that you aren’t currently using.

Filing cabinets with outdated paperwork, receipts, and warranties that you don’t want to throw out, but don’t necessarily need on hand.

Pictures, quilts, heirlooms, and any other items that have sentimental value, but are not needed within the home. Often times, these sorts of items are actually safer in storage, rather than in a shed or somewhere pests might wreak havoc.

Old radios, record players, CDs, DVDs and any other media items, such as books, magazines, portfolios, and various learning materials.

By storing these types of items away, you not only free up room in your home, but you also have easy access to the items you aren’t ready to say goodbye to,  without the excess of unneeded items cluttering your home.

Check in soon for more storage advice, tips, & tricks…

Happy Storing!