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Bust Your Clutter With These 5 Easy Steps

Bust Your Clutter With These 5 Easy Steps

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Aug. 26, 2019


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Removing clutter at home may be overwhelming sometimes. Especially when you realize just how much you need to keep in storage facilities, donate to charity, or simply throw away. 

It may hold you back from organizing your space and discourage you in making any part of your home clutter-free.  Grab your cleaning tools and put on that battle face because we’re here to help you make your task easier by using these 5 simple steps. 

STEP 1: Let Your Room Breathe

We have three words for you, pull everything out. Empty whatever room you plan to declutter. It may seem like a daunting task, but trust us! This step will make the rest of the steps easier for you. 

Doing this might give you a better perspective of what you want your room to look like. You may not even realize the design potential to your room because of all your clutter.  This can also be a chance for you to find things you have lost for a long time. 

As you clear out your room, make sure that you have prepared storage boxes and trash bags since this will come in handy as you go through the next steps.

STEP #2: Envision Your Ideal Space

Now that you have taken out everything in your room (not including the furniture of course!) There will be plenty of room for imagination (pun intended). Envision what you want the space to look like and start building ideas from there. 

You can move around the room to have a better feel of it.  We recommend following these three key concepts- emotion, comfort, and function. When decluttering your space, it’s also important to take note of creating a better space for yourself. After all, choosing to have a clutter-free space is the first step to a better lifestyle. 

STEP #3: Categorize your items.

After envisioning your space, it is now time for you to sort your things. Ask yourself these questions, Do I need this? Is this part of my vision? It helps if you group items according to its function. If you are decluttering your bedroom, you can categorize linens, clothes, books, stationery, etc. 

Remember those boxes and trashbags you prepared earlier, now is the time to use that and separate items you’ll keep in storage, donate to charity and throw away.  Keep in mind to research different Storage Facilities to find the best place to keep your storage. 

STEP #4: Discard Your Trash

Now that you have decided which items to keep and which items to dispose of, it’s the right time to take the trash out. Free up your space so you’ll have plenty of room to work on. Make sure to properly dispose of the items you don’t need. 

If you don’t feel like throwing away a large amount of stuff, you can keep them on storage first and organize a yard sale after you declutter. It’s a sure win for you, not just letting go of items that you don’t need, but also earning money from it.

Don’t worry about buying new stuff with the money you earned. Remember that you have put so much effort into removing clutter. Reward yourself by buying items that could contribute to your vision. You won’t have to worry about space since storage facilities are available to handle the stress for you.

Final Step: Pull Everything Back

Congratulations! You have made it through to the final step. You deserve a pat on the back. It must have been emotional for you going through all your stuff. It’s time to pull everything back and start to turn your envisioned space into a reality. 

Now that you have the exact items you absolutely need, it will be easier for you to organize your space. Rearrange everything according to how you want it to function. By the end of the day, you have achieved what you thought was unimaginable. 

Make decluttering a fun and stress-free experience by choosing the right storage facility and with the  people willing to lend a hand.  Just like our teams of experts who are always a call away and are more than eager to help you out with your decluttering and storage needs. As we always say-Need a little more room in your life? Call 800-TheBox!