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Change in Life Event: Storage is the Solution

Change in Life Event: Storage is the Solution

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Aug. 30, 2018


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Home items that can go into storage

As our situations change in life, so do the need for certain home items. If you are going through a life changing event like a marriage or separation, babies are growing up or you are finding yourself an empty nester, storage is a great compromise.

Marriage or Separation

With many couples getting married later in life, the tendency is to bring with them a variety of items like beds, furniture, and appliances. While you may not need two blenders or two sofas right now, keeping one in storage is not a bad idea. As your family grows, so will the needs of your lifestyle. Keeping these items on hand allows you to save money down the road.

Separation can also mean a temporary downsize. You may sell the family home in favor of a smaller dwelling, leaving you with furniture and other items that don’t fit into your current lifestyle. Many of these items can also have a sentimental attachment. Storing them for a later date can alleviate some of the stress and decision making at a difficult time in your life.

No More Babies

As difficult as it is to admit that our babies have grown up, many of us ready to get rid of all the bulky equipment that accompanies them. Before you throw out the crib or stroller, consider storing them. There are always friends and family are looking to borrow these items. If you have a relative planning to stay with you who has smaller children, you are ready for their arrival.

Empty Nesters

As an empty nester, you may be looking to swap out the items in your kids’ rooms for a lovely reading room or personal home gym. Instead of getting rid of all that furniture, put it into storage for when your children are looking to start their own families. Other reasons empty nesters regularly use storage is to house the items they need for their new hobbies. Now that they have time to indulge in themselves, they may need space for bikes, ski equipment or jet skis.

Whatever your stage in life, storage can help you organize your needs. Whether your upsizing or downsizing, you can keep all your sentimental items for another day.