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Commercial Storage and The Property Developer

Commercial Storage and The Property Developer

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Feb. 22, 2018


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Commercial storage and mini-warehousing for property developers

As a property developer, you often receive shipments of goods while you are working on a project or about to start a new project. Maintaining space for shipments of goods that come in sporadically and using just a portion of the total warehouse space you currently lease then leave to head off to the job site is like throwing money away. Commercial storage offers you a short-term solution for a temporary problem.

Short Term Rental. With our month to month rentals, this allows you the flexibility to rent as you need space and cancel when you are done. In addition, our climate controlled facilities ensure that your most delicate materials are not damaged by the extreme environment of UAE. Ultimately, our storage units are not exposed to direct sunlight.

Storage Capacity. We offer a variety of storage space sizes to accommodate any project. Our storage facilities range from 16 sq ft up to 500 sq ft. You can adjust as necessary as your project escalates or winds down so you can upsize and downsize as you need more or less space. You can also use it as a place to store any large tools like workbenches or air compressors that you are not using on the job site.

Security. The Box also offers the added benefit of security. Each location is monitored by CCTV 24 hours a day to ensure that your materials are safe and secure. You will have a personal access card allowing you enter the facility any time of the day.

Variety of Storage Options. We also offer competitive prices on boxes and storage racks to help you organize your unit.

The flexibility and ease of renting only what you need is the perfect solution for property developers. This allows you to spend money only on what you need when you need it.