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Cutting Clutter Quickly – How to Declutter Your Home

Cutting Clutter Quickly – How to Declutter Your Home

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Oct. 25, 2017


Cutting Clutter Quickly – How to Declutter Your Home Image

How to declutter your home


Creating a clutter-free home is hard for two reasons, and once you know what those reasons are you can work to combat them.

  • Reason one
    • Throwing things away is hard.
  • Reason two
    • Putting things away, where they belong, takes an effort.

As human beings we are inherently lazy – which means putting things away after every use is difficult. Human beings tend to attach emotions and feeling to our belongings – even those belongings that are not useful and the ones that are not worth much. This means that throwing things away – even clutter is harder than you would like to admit.

Here are 3 steps to creating a clutter-free home that will help you to combat those two human traits:

1. See and Handle Every item

Start your decluttering journey by sorting your things by category: clothing, dishes, papers, toys, etc. Instead of working room by room, go to each room and gather everything that goes in the category you are working on and place it all in a pile so that you can see it. Most of us do not realize just how much of every item – like books or clothing – we have. Now that you know exactly how much of that category you have in the house, touch each item. Hold every item in your hand and ask yourself if it is really worth keeping. Questions like the following will help you decide: do I wear it? Do I use it? Do I like it? Is it beautiful? Does it make me happy?

2. Sell or Donate

Another reason we keep things we do not need is that they are nice things and we do not want them to go to waste. Instead of throwing everything away after you dejunk your home, first try to sell and donate.

3. Everything has a Home

Every bag, shirt, and every piece of paper should have a place where it belongs. Everything should have a home. Find a place for your stuff and if you find that you are putting certain things in other places because of convenience, consider making that area the new home for those items.