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Do You Have a Mobile Business? Don’t Let Your Work Space Be Cluttered

Do You Have a Mobile Business? Don’t Let Your Work Space Be Cluttered

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Feb. 7, 2019

Business Storage

Do You Have a Mobile Business? Don’t Let Your Work Space Be Cluttered Image

Mobile businesses are more popular than ever. People don’t have time to take their dog to the groomers or stop by their doctor’s office for a flu or B12 shot. No matter what mobile business you have, you’re selling convenience and that’s never going to be unpopular.

But a mobile business isn’t always convenient for you. You have to carry everything you need to get the job done (plus a few backups) that already uses up a lot of space in your car or van. But if you’re carrying everything for your business all the time, that’s bad for business. It makes your ‘office’ look cluttered. It also means that all of your capital goods are at a greater risk of getting broken, lost, or stolen.

So give your mobile business a bit of space with a self storage / flexible self storage / a mini-warehouse. You can:

1. Stow away your inventory and seasonal tools.
Buying in bulk is cheaper, and that’s definitely true for businesses. But don’t store all of your products in your car or in your home. They can clutter your car and make everything unmanageable. You may also want to keep a strict division between your business and your home that storing things in the garage can’t provide. If you have a landscaping business or use a lot of large tools, you can also stow those away for months at a time.

2. Get rid of everything you know you don’t need for the week.
If your week is booked with similar events or jobs, you don’t need your general array of supplies. Switch it out and minimize the clutter in your car. This doesn’t just give you more space to work in. It means you can book jobs back to back without just tossing everything into the trunk and speeding off.

3. Give yourself a bit of breathing room. Disorganization is bad for the brain. If there’s too much swinging or banging around in your workspace, it’s going to distract or frustrate you.

The same focus on minimalism and clarity that corporate employees have on their desks should extend to your van. A storage unit gives you room to lay everything out and reorganize.Go to The Box to get started.