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Empty Nesters Reclaim Space at Home

Empty Nesters Reclaim Space at Home

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Nov. 8, 2018


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When to store vs sell

 Today we are inundated with tangible items. We are always looking for the newest gaming system for our children, buying new clothes as styles change and replacing our household items for newer ones. However, upgrading your items doesn’t always mean that you should discard the old. When deciding whether you want to save or get rid of an item, consider these criteria.

Will a family member be setting up a new household?

Before you throw away an old set of dishes or donate living room or bedroom furniture due to a remodel, consider if you should save these items for another family member. These are the items that are great for anyone looking to set up a new household like someone just starting out on their own or newlyweds.

Do I know a growing family?

As your children get older, some of the items that you might want to get rid of are cribs and bulky baby items. If another person in your family is considering starting a family, it pays to hold on to those items. You can also keep those sheets and large baby toys like pack ‘n play and strollers.

Should I hold on to items for posterity?

Not every item you keep has to have a purpose. There are things that you keep because you have a sentimental attachment to them. These could be children’s books, an antique piece of furniture or a family heirloom. What does the item mean to you beyond a dollar amount?

Before you decide to sell an item, determine not only its monetary value but what it could mean to another family member, friend or even you down the road. While the item may not have a long-term purpose for you, it could mean everything to someone else. For more information about storing your items, contact us at The Box.