How Much Space Do I Need?

How Much Space Do I Need?

We have a wide selection of unit sizes available, please contact our customer service team for more information

Extra Small

16 sqft (4x4)

1.5 sqm (1.2 x 1.2)

Suitable for up to 6 medium suit cases or 8 medium sized boxes.


50 sqft (10x5)

4.6 sqm (3 x 1.5)

Half the size of an average garage, suitable for storing goods of a 1 bedroom apartment.


100 sqft (10x10)

9.2 sqm (3x3)

Comparable to a single garage at home, can hold the contents of an average 2 bedroom apartment.


200 sqft (20x10)

18.5 sqm (6x3)

Comparable to the size of a double garage at home. Can store the contents of a 4-bedroom house or stock for a large business.

Extra Large

500 sqft (25x20)

46.5 sqm (8x6)

Can storage goods from a large 7-bedroom house or for storing large warehouse items like sports equipment or furniture.