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How To Ensure Safe Storage Of Your Collectables in Dubai

How To Ensure Safe Storage Of Your Collectables in Dubai

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June 2, 2019


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Collectables can be a fun hobby as well as a good source of income for the collectors. Any object regarded as an item of value or interest to a collector can be considered a collectable. These objects can be anything from antiques, paintings, coins or curio collectables that piqued the interest of the person who collects and owns them.

Collectors not only enjoy collecting these items but also focus on keeping them safe and in the best condition possible while the items are in their possession. For them, the safekeeping is just as important as displaying their excellent collection or selling them off to other enthusiasts. In this blog, The Box offers you 5 tips to keep your collectables safe from wear and tear when they are not displayed or prepared to be sold off.

Cut The Clutter And Organize

One of the mistakes may collectors make is buying a lot of items that may or may not be worthy of your collection. Having a lot of items can create clutter as well as damage items that are actually valuable. This is why it is important to declutter and organize your collections. 

Try selling off some of the items that no longer interest you. Divide your items into subcategories – items that come under a common theme, collectables that can be displayed/sold together and such. Once you have cleared your collection of odd pieces, make sure to temporarily store them at a self storage unit until you are ready to display them or sell them off. 

Check The Temperature Consistency

Most collectables are likely to get damaged under extreme temperatures or uncontrollable temperature fluctuations. Make sure that your collectables are stored or displayed in rooms where the temperature remains constant. A general rule of thumb is that they must be kept under the same temperature as suitable for the human body. Collectables must not be stored in basements or attics, which are prone to high-temperature fluctuations. 

Similarly, if you are storing your collectables at local self storage , make sure that the unit is temperature controlled.


Look For Humidity Control

Much like temperature, humidity can also affect the life of your collectables. Sudden and extreme variations in humidity can cause serious damage to your collections. If you live in a tropical country, it is recommended that you have systems installed at your home to control humidity levels, so that your displayed collectables remain protected. Further, makes sure to store the items in a self storage  facility that has humidity and temperature controls.

Avoid Sunlight Exposure

Direct sunlight exposure can cause your collectables to fade, crack, warp or deform in the long run. So make sure to keep your collectables away from windows where chances for direct sun exposure is possible. Most self storage  companies in Dubai have built-in UV protection, which can keep your collections safe when they are not on display.

Try Short-term Local Self Storages

Most people tend to store their collectables at their home with the hopes of rotating and displaying their collectables during holidays and with changing seasons or for the ease of buying and selling. Collectors also refrain from storing them away at large warehouses as they are neither feasible nor locally available. 

This is where local self storages can help. Self storage companies like The Box offer short-term storage options, which are perfect for storing collectables and taking them away for display whenever needed. So, the next time you need a place to store your favourite collectables, search locally for the best self storage units that suit your needs.