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How to Save Money When Renting A Commercial Storage Unit

How to Save Money When Renting A Commercial Storage Unit

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Aug. 2, 2018

Business Storage

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Commercial storage, and mini-warehousing for property developers

At some point, you may find yourself in need of a commercial storage unit. It may be that you have an excess of inventory, are looking to solve a long-term storage problem or maybe you are in the midst of a big move and need to store items from your business while you look to relocate. Whatever your business situation is, here are some ways you can save money when you are thinking about renting from a commercial storage facility.

Take Advantage of Our Discounted Rate for Advanced Payment. Commercial rental facilities will often offer unique value-added discounts. For example, The Box provides a discounted rate if you are planning a longer term storage option regardless of what size unit you need or if you upgrade your unit while you are renting. We invite you to call our office to discuss your plans and see what is the best rate for you. It pays to plan ahead.

Determine the Size You Need For the Best Value. If you are having difficulty figuring out the size you need, The Box storage facility provides a storage size guide of what actually fits in each size storage unit. This short video allows you to estimate the most appropriate size unit for you. It also allows you to find the right space, at the right price, and potentially save you hundreds of dirhams in the long run.

The Box storage facility is ready to work with you to find the commercial storage space you need for your business. Whether you need a storage unit for one month or longer, consider how you can save money while still getting what you need. We look forward to helping make your move to our storage facilities as easy and inexpensive as possible. Contact us for more information.