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Keep Your Photography Tools in a Storage Unit

Keep Your Photography Tools in a Storage Unit

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May 24, 2018

Business Storage

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Small Business can utilize storage companies

The first few years of running a photography business are hard. You don’t have the capital for the high-end equipment, you have to rely on nature and cityscapes for your backgrounds without the benefit of a studio, and tax offices are a bit skeptical that it could be a business instead of a hobby. While no one can solve all of these problems, a storage unit can help.

Store good props and background items as you find them.

As you walk around in your daily life, you have probably come across a chair, table, or bench that you thought was perfect for certain types of photos. If you see something for sale or, even better, free for someone to haul away, then you can start making headway on collecting props. But you don’t necessarily want to drag strange furniture home with you. Instead, clean and store it in a storage unit. Not only do you have an isolated collection of furniture that won’t clutter up your home, you have a central inventory so you can start to customize backdrops for your customers.

The separation makes it clear it’s for your business.

Establishing photography and other pursuits deemed ‘creative’ by tax agencies is tricky. This is especially true because your job probably did start out as a personal interest and some of your equipment was purchased when photography was just a hobby. But when it comes time to claim your business income, separating it can make a large difference in the taxes you owe. Getting a storage unit is a clear signal that it’s a business. It also removes the gray area that a home office can have.

Establishing your business and having a selection of materials can even bring you in customers. The more professionally you arrange your tools and your business, the more customers will see the difference even if they don’t know how you manage your equipment. Find good storage that can help you organize, establish, and grow your business. Contact The Box now!