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Smart Storage Strengthens Small Business

Smart Storage Strengthens Small Business

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Oct. 4, 2018

Business Storage

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Small Business can utilize storage companies

The retail world has changed completely. Gone are the days of brick and mortar which makes some business owners unsure how to move forward. The secret to small retail business success is to swim with the new retail current rather than fight it. There is no turning back the clock or getting around technology, so why not embrace it? The first step to running a modern small business is rent a storage unit for products and inventory. One simple call to a local storage company, such as The Box,  could be the best decision a business owner could make. The friendly staff can explain affordable plans for different types of businesses. Smart storage can strengthen small business by minimizing retail rental costs, shifting savings to social media marketing, and recommitting to the importance of customer service.

Minimize Retail Rental Costs

Brick and mortar dominance has disappeared. Customers do not travel to a shopping mall each weekend to browse new arrivals. The internet has changed everything. A small business no longer needs to rent a large commercial space. That cost has no return in the new technological terrain. A small business can save a great deal of money by simply not signing a yearly commercial lease. It is easy to contact a local storage company, like The Box, to rent an affordable storage space to house inventory. Employees can easily travel to the local storage space to retrieve and ship products.

Some small businesses still want to have a destination that customers can visit to try or view products in person. There are cheap options such as renting a tiny retail space with a few models or samples, using pop-up stores or sharing a space with other retailers. Either way, storage rental will minimize costs.

Shift Savings to Social Media Marketing

A large portion of the new budget should be spent on social media marketing. Every modern business should have set up a dynamic and interesting website on its first day. The website should possess powerful graphics and offer interesting blog posts relating to products or services.

The more crucial task for every business owner is to create Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts. Each account should be updated constantly with new product arrivals or future sales. The new customer shops on his computer, iPad, or iPhone throughout the day. There is no longer a certain day and time when a small business can expect the highest number of customers to visit a store. The modern small business is open all day, every day through websites and social media accounts.

Recommit to the Importance of Customer Service

By renting a storage space to house the majority of products, the business owner alleviates a lot of work and stress. Employees do not have to keep a store clean and tidy. The staff does not have to focus on security and possible shoplifters. Business owners should use all the extra time to revitalize customer service.

The internet has opened up the gates to a lot of competition. People now sell and ship goods from all over the world. What will make you stand out in the eyes of consumers? Customers are overwhelmed with options but will be drawn to excellent customer service. Holding inventory in a storage rental allows employees to spend more time answering emails questions from possible clients. Also, employees can follow up with consumers to make sure they are satisfied with the product. Giving extra attention to new customers transform them into returning customers.

Overall, an investment in storage rental is the best decision for a modern small business. Placing the majority of inventory in a safe and organized storage unit opens up a lot of possibilities. A business can enjoy lower costs, a more effective social media presence, and extremely satisfied customers. Smart storage is key for the savvy business owner.