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Use Self-Storage to Keep Your Electronics Inventory Safe

Use Self-Storage to Keep Your Electronics Inventory Safe

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March 29, 2018


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Small Business can utilize storage companies

Electronics are an investment, even if you buy the parts in bulk. Finding a simple, consistent way to store and protect your business’ assets is a must for any company. Thus the right solution for your electronics involves more than just space and physical security.

Why is climate controlled storage essential for your electronics business?

Whether you repair computers, create modified devices, or sell niche parts, you have inventory that is sensitive to temperature fluctuation, moisture, and overheating. Here’s how mini-storage can protect them:

Climate controlled storage keeps temperatures within a safe range both in the summer and winter.

Electronics hate both the heat and the cold, even when they’re not powered on. Storing them in your house leaves them susceptible to both power outages and a malfunctioning furnace or air conditioner unit, whereas consistent temperature protection is part of the service you purchase when you rent a unit. The extended space can also help regulate temperature because you can stack parts less compactly or shield them with insulation without tight space regulations that a home office has.

Storage units have less moisture. 

Homes have a lot of air humidity. Whether it’s through a direct humidifier to keep the parched winter air less unbearable or it’s just through general household water usage like cooking and showers, homes have a lot of different variables in air conditions, and that moisture can build up if there’s not a lot of space or air circulation. Keep your inventory in off-site storage so it’s in stable, dry conditions.

Using storage units does more give you elbow room in your home office; it’s a tool that gives you greater flexibility. Go to The Box to find the right storage for your business and inventory.