Using Storage Space Instead of Renting a Warehouse Can Be a Great Move for Startups

Using Storage Space Instead of Renting a Warehouse Can Be a Great Move for Startups

You’re a small business owner but your office is bursting at the seams with supplies, boxes and equipment. Or you’ve created a startup but your office space consists of your spare room and a closet. Sound familiar? Before you start shopping for real estate or sign a rental agreement for a warehouse, why not explore self storage as a convenient and flexible storage option? Here are three benefits your startup or small business can enjoy with self storage.

Open up your office space

Nobody can be expected to do their best work in a cramped environment with boxes piled in every corner and inventory filling every closet. By moving extra supplies, unused furniture, and other equipment into offsite storage space, you can create an open, free-flowing space your startup can thrive in.

Privacy and security at your fingertips

Why spend time and money protecting your equipment or inventory instead of focusing on your business? With a secure storage option like mini-warehousing or pallet storage, your products can be stored safely off of your own premises. But you can still access them easily whenever you need to. Offsite storage gives you the perfect combination of convenience and security.

Flexibility to match your business needs

As a startup, your business will go through periods of intense growth. You need to be flexible and react quickly to changing situations. And your storage space should be flexible too. Rather than sign a long-term rental agreement on warehouse space, a storage facility like The Box can offer you a month-by-month commitment that can change to suit your needs. Add more storage space when you need it, and scale back when you don’t.

If you’re ready to move your startup or small business to the next level, then visit The Box to see how our storage solutions can help.