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June 26, 2017



All businesses require effective organization, which is why over the years, systems have been created to support this need.

Japanese businesses formulated the five important pillars of organization, which have been adopted by a lot of global corporations. As a nation that’s fiercely committed to obedience and to hierarchy, and is persistent in discovering ways to increase productivity, Japan developed 5S, which stands for seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, and shitsuke. This formula allows businesses to organize their materials (including items to be disposed of) and activities to ensure their best advantage.

5S however isn’t the only organizational solution that businesses take advantage of. Another important provision is the self storage service which allows big and small enterprises to have a proper place for things, and at the same time safely store them so they do not lose their functional value. It contributes to operations in so many ways; rounded up below are some of the best advantages that this service provides.

1. Self storage is the perfect place to store items that are important but not regularly used.

Power generators for blackouts, room dividers (for when an additional work cubicle has to be provided), extra furniture, and many other items can be safely kept in storage facilities until they are needed.

2. It is perfect for weather-sensitive items.

There are materials or products that need to be stored in climate-controlled rooms. Examples include important documents, pieces of art, designer furniture, medicine, chemical substances, and others – all of these items can maintain their good quality for the use of the business if kept in such storage units. It’s important to mention as well that renting these storage units is more economical than having a climate-controlled room built for the business.

3. Businesses can use this storage solution for items that need to be repaired but have to be kept out of the way.

With busy operations, often, corporations choose to purchase replacement machinery instantly to prevent delays with productivity, and pieces of equipment that have broken down are stored away until repair professionals can take care of them for the company’s use or to sell. It’s always better to have broken items kept somewhere else so they do not eat up space in the workplace while they serve no purpose. Getting around to repairing all of them is bound to come easier because all of the “for repair” pieces are kept in just one place.

4. Restaurants can use a self-storage unit for ingredients and wine.

Dining establishments that don’t have enough space for extra stocks can definitely benefit from a self storage unit to store their non-perishables and wine.

5. Self storage units are some of the safest places to keep valuable materials.

Storage facilities are heavily guarded. Plus, they have automatic monitoring systems that keep track of people who have come in and out of the facility. If a business has highly valuable possessions that must be kept safe from perpetrators, it certainly will benefit from the units in highly guarded storage facilities. Many businesses can’t afford professional security services yet, and as such a storage solution makes it more affordable to meet their needs.

6. Storage units make relocation a breeze.

There are units that can be rented for relocation purposes and they make transportation of bulky items safer and more efficient for businesses, especially since these units come in a variety of sizes. There are even those big enough for a company car or small items of machinery, such as forklifts.

7. It is ideal for small businesses that can’t afford to move to a bigger workplace yet.

Small enterprises that usually start from somebody’s garage don’t have to yield to the pressure to rent or buy a bigger office or workplace just to have a place for its operations and inventory. They can keep their products in rented storage units until they have the financial capability to move to a much bigger place. They can have the peace of mind that their products are kept safe at all times and they can freely retrieve them as needed. With the expensive rates of commercial real estate these days, SMEs can better control or manage their cash outflow with self storage.

8. Some storage units have humidity control and even fire protection.

Valuable items that businesses own, which are prone to mould or warping due to the presence of moisture can be better preserved in units with humidity control. Also, if there are items that should be kept safe even in the event of fires and natural disasters, there are storage units that are sealed appropriately and have additional special features to properly protect such hazards.

There are still many other benefits that businesses can derive from self storage units – they really are only limited by their imagination. If safe storage and organization are the issues that must be addressed, then these units are clearly the most versatile, economical, and accessible solutions that enterprises should consider.