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Your Guide to Mastering Spring Cleaning This Year

Your Guide to Mastering Spring Cleaning This Year

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May 21, 2019


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Most people don’t realize that they hoard and clutter their home in the long run. All around the year, you bring in stuff you think you need, only to stow them away for a long time. In many households around the world, spring cleaning is more or less like an annual ritual that keeps away the bad and bring in the good. And for that reason, it is time to declutter and redefine your home during your spring cleaning this year.

So, in this blog, we at The Box has come up with simple tips and tricks to help you with your clean-up project. 

Be realistic about your tasks

Cleaning your whole house is going to be a tough job, not to mention time-consuming. So before you start, it is important to have realistic goals about your spring cleaning. Don’t try to tackle the whole house in a day and feel overwhelmed.

List your tasks and schedule them

Before you start off on your cleaning spree, make a list of areas you need to concentrate. Schedule your tasks in such a way that the priority areas like kitchen and bathrooms get the most attention. Get together all your cleaning stuff like cleaning liquids, rubber gloves, kitchen towel, dusters and brushes. Work from top to bottom as this help you clean out everything better.

Clean away systematically

Before you start cleaning, move items like delicate china and collectables to temporary self storage. This will keep your things from possible damages. Once that is done, start picking up the clutter in the room. Throw away old and damaged items, donate things that can be given away and move things like luggage, winter clothing, blankets, curtains and extra utensils and cutlery to your temporary self storage to keep them out of the way.

Once the household items are sorted through, start the cleaning by dusting the walls and ceiling. Use a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery brush to clean these areas so as to not let the dust fly around. Wipe down painted walls, glass tops and woodwork with a damp cloth and light fittings with a microfibre cloth.

Deep clean and repairs

Spring cleaning is a great time to look into deep cleaning and repairs. Scrub and paint areas of your wall where the paint is peeling off. Revive wood surfaces with wood cleaners and polish and deep clean carpets and rugs using shampoo. Hang your carpets and rugs to dry out in the air for best results. Wash your bedding, pillow covers, pillow protectors and curtains, or take them to a dry cleaner if necessary.

Maybe it’s a little late for your spring cleaning this year. But then again, it’s never too late to declutter and organize your home. Get rid of the junk, stow away the extras in self storage and get your home ready for a great year ahead.