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3 Reasons to Completely Empty Your Attic

3 Reasons to Completely Empty Your Attic

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Sept. 13, 2018


3 Reasons to Completely Empty Your Attic Image

How to declutter your home

Attics are like garages, but whatever you stow away in them becomes even less accessible. It can be difficult to know what all you have in your attic, especially if it’s used for a lot of holiday decorations and outgrown toys. If you’ve lost track of what you’ve stored in your attic, now’s the perfect time to empty it out. Here are three reasons to pull everything out of your attic at once:

  1. Redo the insulation.

Attic insulation is one of the single most important factors in your home’s energy efficiency. It’s also one of the easiest major home improvement projects to take on. But the first step to ripping away the damaged and outdated insulation in your garage is getting everything else out of the way.

Instead of going through your garage piecemeal or waiting until your garage is organized, put everything in a storage unit. The fewer barriers you have to insulate your attic with updated material, the better.

  1. Sort everything into categories.

It’s hard to organize in your attic. Even if you have plywood stretched across the support beams, there’s just not enough space and access to get the job done. So pull everything down and unpack it. Not only can you group all of the holiday decorations together, but you can also decide what you’re keeping, storing, and selling. This is also the perfect opportunity to start pulling your attic goods and your garage goods together so you know where everything is.

  1. Pack it away better.

Cardboard boxes aren’t a good way to store thing you want to hold onto for a long time. Once you know what you’re keeping, you can find the plastic boxes and file cabinets you need to store it better. Plan what goes back up in the attic instead of using it as excess storage for whatever won’t fit in the garage.

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