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5 Most Common Home Items That Should Go Into Storage

5 Most Common Home Items That Should Go Into Storage

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Jan. 18, 2018


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When you’re debating what to put into storage, and what to actually keep in your home, you’re going to have a lot of debates with yourself. Sometimes it’s because an item has personal value, other you think you might need it, or you’re just so used to it being there. However, some of the most common items that should be put in storage, rather than squirreled away in the home, include…

#1: Decorations

While we all love Christmas, Halloween, and other holidays, these decorations can take up a lot of room you might not have available. Since you’re only going to need them during certain times of the year, they make ideal candidates for going to storage.

#2: Furniture

Furniture is often big, bulky, and expensive, but if you don’t have room for your latest acquisitions (or you don’t want to get rid of the old furniture, because it’s still perfectly serviceable), then moving it to storage is a great way to leave your home uncluttered.

#3: Electronics

You may have more electronics than you need, but you don’t just want to get rid of perfectly useful (and often valuable) items just because you aren’t currently using them. That’s why putting them into a storage unit where they’ll be safe is a great idea.

#4: Paperwork

We all have paperwork that we need to keep, but that we don’t need very often. Things like tax records, bills, payments made on home improvements, etc. If it’s taking up space in your home you’d rather use for something else, then storage (especially climate-controlled storage) is the best way to keep these documents safe without tripping over them.

#5: Baby/Children’s Items

Children grow out of clothes, bedding, and other necessities so rapidly it can make your head spin. If you have a bunch of children’s stuff you don’t need now, but which you might need in the future, then it’s a good idea to move it out of the house… at least until you need it again.