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5 Tips to Make Your Home Feel Bigger

5 Tips to Make Your Home Feel Bigger

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May 14, 2019


5 Tips to Make Your Home Feel Bigger Image

There can often be a thin line between cosy and cluttered. Many people overuse furniture and interior decor to bring in a sense of comfort, making their rooms look smaller than they actually are. Not only will it look smaller, but a cluttered room can also be confining and make people feel uncomfortable.


However, by using the right furniture, decor and colour schemes, you can easily make a small room look big and spacious. In this blog,  The Box will give you some great ideas to make your home feel big and spacious.


Idea 1: Splash of Colours


Did you know that one of the best ways to make your home look bigger is by using the right paint for your rooms?


While it sounds silly, the right colours can create an optical illusion, making rooms look bigger than they actually are.


Light colours, for instance, make a room look bigger and brighter. White, light and bright coloured walls are more reflective making your rooms feel large, open and airy and utilize the light source in the room for a brighter and welcoming feel.


Dark colours, on the other hand, absorb the light. This can make your rooms look small and dingy. If you want your rooms to have fun colours to work around your interior decors, try pastel shades like off-white, powder blue, mint green and peach. Wall trims and moulding in lighter colours along the walls can also bring out the best in a room, making it look and feel larger than it actually is.


Idea 2: Play With Light


Imagine a room with sunlight streaming in through the windows.


Despite the room’s actual size, natural light can give the sensation of being in an open space. Natural light has a significant effect on the look and feel of a room, It will open up the interior making your room look larger and brighter.


And if natural lighting is unavailable, you can always try experimenting with different lighting fixtures to provide depth and space to your interior.


Idea 3: Organize All The Way


Remember what your mother used to say about keeping your room tidy and organized?


Turns out she had a good point! Constantly keeping track of the overall tidiness of your room can save you tons of time and leave you feeling relaxed. With things neatly arranged and stored away from sight, rooms will look spacious and uncluttered.


For instance, adding a lot of photo frames or small paintings tend to make your room feel too crowded. Likewise, a cluttered floor with rugs and mats will make your room seem smaller than it actually is.


The best way to keep your home looking large and spacious is by keeping things out of plain sight, open space, open space, open space! Keep drawers clear of unwanted things and don’t just leave your books, combs keys and purses laying around the house.


Idea 4: Minimalistic Decors


While decorating a room, make sure to create a focal point that will draw the eye towards it. For instance, in your bedroom, this will most certainly be the bed. Use a bedspread that is contrasting to the walls to bring focus on to the bed. Arrange the furniture so that the focus is drawn to one point while keeping other bedroom decors to a minimum. Keep things off the floor as much as possible. A clear floor will create the illusion of more floor space.


If you own things that are used occasionally, like festival decorations, extra beds or bed covers for guests, books and extra blankets and curtains, you can move them to a self storage unit to get more space in your home.


Idea 5: Mirror Mirror On The Wall

The best way to reflect more light in your room is by using mirrors. Mirrors can create depth in a room. They reflect both natural and artificial light to make a room look bigger and brighter.  


Try placing a mirror near a window to reflect the outdoors. Use them creatively to add depth to different areas of your rooms.


Idea 6: Smart Furniture


Any furniture will take up a lot of space. For instance, if you have a chest of drawers and a coffee table in the same room, imagine the space they both occupy.


What if your chest of drawers can also act as a coffee table? Multifunctional smart furniture can save a lot of space in your home. Sofa beds and nesting tables are perfect examples of these smart furniture.


Avoid tall pieces of furniture. These can make your ceiling look lower. Similarly, make sure that there is plenty of space between these furnitures. Opt for sofas with exposed legs rather than the covered ones to bring in more space between the floor and the sofa.


Worried about storing your extra furniture and decorations?  Visit our self storage company today for easy storage needs.