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Ease the Growing Pains of Your Small Business with Mini-Warehousing

Ease the Growing Pains of Your Small Business with Mini-Warehousing

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July 19, 2018


Ease the Growing Pains of Your Small Business with Mini-Warehousing Image

Small Business that can benefit from mini-warehousing

Growth is an excellent sign that your small business is thriving. But growing pains can accompany the extra business. When your business grows, you might notice your working space shrinking! As you consider the costs of moving to a bigger space, also consider the benefits of putting some of your business supplies and product in storage.

Avoid the Obstacle Course

When your business grows, your building becomes an obstacle course. Do you find yourself stepping over packing boxes, stubbing your toes against boxes of copy paper, bumping your chair into the new copy machine, or weaving in and out of piles of stuff that have no other place to go? If your building has become a tripping hazard, then it is time to organize! Assess what you need or don’t need within the next month. Did you set up a cubicle for new employees, but you won’t be hiring for another two months yet? Take down the unnecessary cubicle and put it in self-storage. You can retrieve it when you need it. Did you find a great deal on bulky office supplies, like paper and printer cartridges, but you don’t have the closet space to store it in? The Box Self Storage is the perfect solution.

Use The Box as a Mini-Warehouse

A growing business also has more products going in and out, not just office supplies. This is a great thing! More business means more profit. But when you run out of space for those extra pallets or those added cartons, then you need a solution that is cost-effective and convenient. The Box is both! You can pay by the square foot, so you only pay for the space you need. Plus, drive-up access to your mini-warehouse, makes loading the company van a snap.

Keep your business happy and growing with our business storage options! A clutter-free business space keeps your productivity buzzing and improves employee morale. Learn more about secure business storage in Dubai.