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Effective Inventory Storage Tips For Clothing Boutique Owners

Effective Inventory Storage Tips For Clothing Boutique Owners

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July 9, 2019

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Effective Inventory Storage Tips For Clothing Boutique Owners Image

Dubai is one of the world’s favourite shopping destinations. The city is home to some of the best fashion houses in the world, with access to the most ‘in-trend’ designer wears and accessories. While brand name matters the most for some, there are a lot of people who are in search of unique clothing pieces that fit them like a glove, made from scratch by skilled, lesser-known designers.

This is why running a boutique clothing store that provides exclusive designer clothing and accessories to loyal customers can be a very profitable business in Dubai. But like most small businesses, the major hitch in running a boutique is finding a storage space or warehouse in the city that is reasonably sized, neatly maintained and accessible. Unlike other products, clothing and accessories cannot be stored for longer periods as it can ruin the fabric as well as put it out of trend with the change of season. For this reason, having a unique inventory is not the only requirement for your boutique. The clothes must be constantly tended to and sold out to bring in new collections every other month, which can be a big hassle if your warehouses are far away from the heart of Dubai.

However, at The Box, we have the perfect solution to your problem! As one of the most favoured and affordable mini-warehouses in Dubai, we can help you run a ‘one-stop-shop’ for your clothing label, right here in the city.

Take a look at how this can be done-

When Size matters

Size matters when it comes to any business. When you are running a clothing boutique, every clothing piece must be separately packed and stored, to avoid any kind of damage to them. With changing clothing trends every 6 months, this inventory must be constantly updated, which sometimes leads to overcrowding and damages to the clothes.

This is where renting small warehouses in Dubai can come to your rescue. These self-storage units act as a great place to swap out your out-of-season clothing for the trending items without overcrowding your store. If you need to completely revamp your inventory, you can even host a ‘warehouse sale’ within your storage unit to sell out your old inventory. After all, once the new season arrives, everything else is so ‘last-season’!

So, what are the requirements for storing your clothes? Let’s find out-

Warehouse location

One of the most crucial things to consider when renting a storage unit is its location. You will want to ensure that the storage space is conveniently located near your store so that it’s easily accessible. The Box offers mini-warehouses in several locations within the city which could be the hassle free option you need to store and manage your inventory.

The right facilities

To ensure every item in your clothing inventory remains in pristine condition, the best way is to hang them out individually in moisture and temperature-controlled storage unit. Although most garments are shipped in plastic covers, it is very important to get rid of the covers as soon as possible as they tend to trap moisture inside the bag. Unbleached muslin or acid-free tissue paper sheets are more suited to store clothes while you store them in a unit.

Similarly, never hang garments on wooden or wire hangers. Clothes tend to pull against these hangers, stretching them out completely. Instead, use plastic or padded hangers to hang and store your garments.

Renting out mini-warehouses in Dubai can be helpful, especially during an end-of-season warehouse sale. Your customers can come in directly to your warehouse storage within the city and pick out clothes they want to keep. Imagine a walk-in closet for your customers to shop without the hassle of decorating your store! So, quit with the stalling and get easy mini-warehouse storage in Dubai with us today.