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Storing Your Furniture: 7 Tips To Do It Right

Storing Your Furniture: 7 Tips To Do It Right

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July 22, 2019


Storing Your Furniture: 7 Tips To Do It Right Image

What makes your house feel homely? Is it that cozy couch in the living room, the coffee table near the window or the class cabinet with childhood trinkets? Although we fail to realize it, each and every piece of furniture that you own will add up to turn your house into a comfortable living space.

But at one point, it all comes down to too much stuff in your way. Whether you are looking at a temporary solution or a more permanent one, furniture storages are a great way to keep things your things safe and out of the way.

To help you store your furniture properly, here are 8 simple steps from our experts at The Box:

Explore your options

Before you settle down for any old warehouse to store your furniture, do a quick research to find a furniture storage that suits your exact needs. Are you looking for a space to temporarily store your things while you move homes or plan to sell them off? Or are you looking for a long term option? 

As most storage companies in Dubai are not keen on short term storages, finding a storage provider that caters to your needs is highly necessary. Furthermore, the furniture storage you choose must be within the city premises for easy access.

Furnitures, especially wooden ones are prone to moisture damage. The wood swells and expands when exposed to moisture. This is why it is important to opt for a temperature and humidity controlled storage unit to store your furniture. In short, do your research well before taking a decision.

Remove all perishables

Once you have found the right furniture storage, the next step is to prepare your furniture for the move. Start by removing all perishable items like fruits, vegetables or snacks that are stored or has fallen on your furniture. Presence of food items will invite bugs and other critters to infest, which can damage your furniture. Even if your furniture storage company has pest control, it is better to take this precaution.

Clean and maintain

Once the perishables are removed, start by cleaning your furniture. Use mild soap and water to clean wood and plastic. You can also use wood cleaners to protect your wooden furniture pieces. Use glass cleaner liquids to clean glass tops and cabinets. 

For couches and cushion top chairs, you can use any mild fabric cleaners. However, make sure that every piece of furniture you wish to store is dry before you move on to the next step.

Dismantle before moving

Any furniture that can be dismantled should be taken apart before moving. This will not only make the moving easier, but also help reduce the storage space requirement. Take apart your tables and cabinets carefully and store all the screws, bolds and Allen wrenches in labelled covers.

Wrap for storage

When you are planning to store your furniture for long, it is essential to place some kind of a wrap over your furniture. Even when you store things in a temperature and humidity controlled furniture storage, dust can still accumulate over them over time. 

The best way is to cover them using a clean piece of cloth. For instance, wrapping with plastic usually causes moisture to get trapped over the furniture.  Old blankets can perfectly cover most furniture. This will keep them dust free, without sealing in any moisture on the furniture parts. 

Care for the fragile

Unlike other furniture, glass items need special care while moving and in case of long term storage. Any dust that settles over glass or mirrors can damage them in the long run. Wiping dust off these surfaces will lead to scratching and loss of luster. This is why we recommend using bubble wrap to cover your glass and mirror items for long term storage.

Ensure proper fit

Before you start stuffing your furniture storage with everything that you want to store, find the best way to fit them all in without cramping. Shoving and packing the space with your things will lead to damaged goods. You can always ask for additional space or a bigger storage unit to store your furniture rather than stuffing everything together. After all, we took all the above steps for safe and secure storage of your furniture. Visit us at The Box to find the perfect space for your furniture storage needs.